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    John Knight

    funny that photos just got mentioned in the last post, as I was jsut gonna talk about ’em….

    Perhaps some kind of email address to send photos to, or an ftp upload programme, etc. would be good. Obviously I want to keep the usual muck that goes on in forums away from here (unlike a certain brother of mine), but I’ve jsut got some important photos back from my friend Masashikun, with important topo info for a route I set.

    Photos could really spruce things up, but could also hideously turn into something bad when abused. Perhaps any photo submissions would be given to board moderator first and info on the photos (as in, “this is the top left of the picture, the route starts from the middle and……”).

    Waddya reckon?

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    Photos for publishing in the western Climber can be sent to This includes route topos etc.

    I would be against unvetted posting of anything but messages to the CAWA web site as it would be abused (because it can).


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    Maybe a Yahoo or msn group would be the way to go. they’re free (as far as I know). So maybe just provide a link to it on the site? otherwise it could just be put in a post. Maybe something John or I could do. John???

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    Chris Dorrian

    I will be on away for the next few months but i may get a chance to look at how users can post photographs when i get back – June/July.

    Keep your suggestions coming, I do take them on-board.

    Don’t forget becoming a member of CAWA helps to support this website which is not restricted and is free to everyone. We need your support because we don’t get money from anywhere else!


    Site administrator

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    John Knight

    Perhaps a tripod account or something similar? Some free services like no longer allow you to hotlink to images, so we’d have to have a decent look around. I haven’t looked at the free services for a while now, can you recommend anything, Andrew?

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    I wouldnt have a clue hey, i dont have that detailed a knowledge about the internet etc.

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    John Knight

    Andrew and I would like to make a Tripod account for the site if no one else will host the images. Is everyone else okay with this?


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