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    Rebolted routes I forgot about.

    All done with stainless machine bolts and RE500. Machine bolts used as the routes are directly below the silly glass walkway thing and the consensus was to err on the side of caution. The clips are mostly pretty ok anyways… except maybe on Vou when you are sh**ting your pants on the tiny holds with some goggle eyed grey nomads instagraming you from above…..
    Thanks to K and C who helped.

    The Screw Route 20m 20
    The rightmost line, starting below the left end of a large rightward trending diagonal groove. This has been properly bolted and I will add it to the first ascent section soon. It was likely never led before. The screw had seen better days, so was removed and replaced with some bolts so people can actually lead it now. A nice climb. 2 variations near the top.

    Plains Dweller 20m 22 (not easy for the grade !!!!)
    The middle line. Steep and blank slab climbing up face to the right of Vous past some NEW STAINLESS bolts. Start up the faint and shallow groove and continue up with some serious mind control required. Expect small holds, very small holds and very very small holds! The line eases considerably when then groove deepens and the angle lessons.
    FA details unknown.
    Rebolted Neil Gledhill 2015

    *** Vous 20m 22 (a brilliant climb and WA classic. Much more achievable now it actually has decent bolts – including one to stop you falling into the chasm at the start)
    Left most line on the south east corner of castle rock. Takes the line adjacent to the arête past 5 NEW STAINLESS bolts. Classic slab climbing in a superb position. The climbing is sustained all the way and the subtle moves on mostly good holds will leave you smiling. One of the best routes of this style in WA and the best route on this wall. May also be called ”Von”.
    Mike Law Apr 88
    Rebolted Neil Gledhill 2015

    I forget the costs, but lets say $2 a machine bolt, x15 bolts…. and some re500 (which costs $60 a packet). I maybe used half a packet at the most…. So adding some nozzles, drill bits and beer money that cost $80 and 3 people x 4 hours.


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    Great effort Neil and co, thanks. Rebolting, new crags and FA’s well done.. Psyche is high!

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