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    Can anybody recommend a place in Australia to service and resling cams? I would like to have some of my DMM Dragons reslung with out sending them to Wales.

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    I’d like to know that too as I also have Dragons. I tried Ferno (WA) without success, mainly because they can’t guarantee the stitching will meet the original testing standards.

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    Will BD resling their competition’s gear?
    Will BD do the free of charge shipping for non-BD cams? Not likely.

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    I’ve sent off a query to Height Dyanamics, see if they charge any different since Remi’s post.
    Also sent off a query to DMM re reslinging.

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    Thanks Remi,

    I spoke to DMM and it can be a bit of a turn around with getting them serviced (mostly due to postage). The way DMM sling their cams is great. I may just have to go through them an be without cams for a bit.

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    I’ll be in the same boat when it comes time to resling. Height Dynamics no longer offer reslinging, according to the email reply I received today.

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