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    Can anybody recommend a place in Australia to service and resling cams? I would like to have some of my DMM Dragons reslung with out sending them to Wales.



    I’d like to know that too as I also have Dragons. I tried Ferno (WA) without success, mainly because they can’t guarantee the stitching will meet the original testing standards.




    Will BD resling their competition’s gear?
    Will BD do the free of charge shipping for non-BD cams? Not likely.



    I’ve sent off a query to Height Dyanamics, see if they charge any different since Remi’s post.
    Also sent off a query to DMM re reslinging.



    Thanks Remi,

    I spoke to DMM and it can be a bit of a turn around with getting them serviced (mostly due to postage). The way DMM sling their cams is great. I may just have to go through them an be without cams for a bit.



    I’ll be in the same boat when it comes time to resling. Height Dynamics no longer offer reslinging, according to the email reply I received today.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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