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    Nathan G

    Hi All, I hope you’re all getting some good time off to get on the walls 🙂

    My mate’s dog peed on my rope (I used to like his dog…)
    How concerned should I be about the acidity of dog pee?  We washed it within 10 seconds and I gave it a good wash when I got home (all in cool clean water and I let it dry inside out of the sun)

    Any comments would be great.  Thanks all.


    ed nepia

    its not normal to wash your dog after peeing … its very thoughtful but probably unnecessary 🙂

    your rope will be fine as well



    Your rope will be fine. Not drying the rope properly is more harmful than dog piss.




    and from Rock and Ice

    “Powick does cite additional testing by Pit Schubert and the University of Stuttgart on ropes contaminated with human urine. A rope soaked overnight in urine saw a 30-percent reduction in the number of falls held, while a rope on which urine drops had been dribbled held 13 percent fewer falls. These results clearly show that you shouldn’t soak your cord in a tub of piss and raises the question: Just how do you go about getting a vat full of pee? Yeech!”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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