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    I was out climbing once…

    With a shiela who is pretty good.

    She was leading up a slab and dropped one of my quickdraw’ish thingys (2 crabs with a sling).

    I cried as I watched it slide, tinkling all the way down the slab to land near me.

    She will say I am using this forum to torture her but I actually wanna know how safe is it to continue using the crabs or the sling?

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    A Sheila

    Ooops. Personally, I have always retired krabs that have been dropped down cliffs by other muppets. They now have band-aids on them to remind me, and they live on backpacks for attaching random items.

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    The sling you’d think would be ok. People throw ropes down 30m cliffs without seeming to worry much. The carribiners are a judgement call. Depends on the longest drop. If they slid down a slab, what was the maximum impact – was it worse than falling 10m onto rock –

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    Look at it not as a loss but as an opportunity, bro….

    1. Retire the crabs. Your life is worth more than $25.

    2. Get sheila to buy you dinner to pay you back.

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    I like Ross’s comment.

    Retirement isn’t such a bad thing for a carabiner. 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I work in an RnD facility and so asked this question of a metalurgist with lots of initials after his name… He said this type of aliminium wouldnt be affected by the sort of impact a fall even from height over rock…. (short summary of a 40min answer..)

    But….. he doesnt climb and as already said my life and piece of mind is worth more than $25


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