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    is any one else sick of the kids that ruff and tumble under neath the bouldering wall at the back i can understand but when there is a party and theres is just 10 kids unsupervised and hiting each other and i am climbing up above them its dangerouse and i dont what to tell them off but if i fall they could get sirously hurt

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    Yeah I feel for you though I reckon those kids can spell better

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    If you aren’t up for telling them to move go and see one of the staff.

    Alternatively change to the front cave as the kids don’t usually make their way there.

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    Mother Climber

    Well, what I usually tell my kids, if they were moving around underneath is:

    “MOVE or I might fall on you!”

    “Get out from underneath me. I may fall on you!”

    If they are too disruptive:

    “I am trying to concentrate. Take your fun elsewhere!”

    If you are really annoyed inform the staff that you will not tolerate children in the boulder area because it is not safe. It will be their job to check and inform the children.

    We all started somewhere! We have to exercise a degree of tolerance, yet duty regarding their safety.

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