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    Kath Gray

    On the eve of our departure to Arapiles(brag, brag) Kevin and I decided to head down to the newly re-openned Overhang for a quick training session.

    We were more than pleasantly surprised with the results of the renovations(done over the school holidays).

    Congratulations to Anthony and the team(Chris, Michael, Patrick, and Melissa), we love the new paint job, which brightens the place up, and the new rough textured surfaces are excellent for smearing. Try the chimney on the right wall, as a no holds(features only) climb. It’s about grade 18, and is as close to climbing on real rock as you’ll find in a gym. The right wall also has some new featured panels, which will create more interesting routes.

    Until all the routes are re-set, gym entry is reduced. As about two thirds of the routes are up, so there’s plenty to try.

    Happy Climbing, Kath and Kevin.

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