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    Hi guys, I’m heading to northern Vietnam and Laos for a little climbing trip early next year and have just found out that my travel insurance (with HBF) does NOT cover accidents from rock climbing. On further research, it seems like most insurance companies don’t insure rock climbing at all. Does anybody have any advice for me? What do you guys do when you go on an overseas climbing trip?


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    Hi Rowen,

    Try Ihi Bupa, they will cover most activities. I went on a mountaineering in Nepal and they were the only company who would cover me.

    Here is a link



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    Thanks Troy, I got in touch with ihi bupa and they are actually really good. In addition to covering rock climbing and other ‘hazardous sports’ their cover for other things is better than most insurance companies.

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    Hi Rowan

    I used insure 4 less. See: They have been good to deal with and increased their rescue cover component based on feedback I gave them about ‘real’ cost of rescue.

    You have to purchase one of two levels of climbing cover on top of the top standard level of normal travel insurance but it’s not that expensive for the additional component.

    You will also get rescue cover as part of Austrian Alpine Club membership but the medical cover is minimal.

    When I investigated Bupa they were every expensive.


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    see the topic below which starts with word “slides….”, there is some info in that slide set

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    Hi Guys,

    I am looking at travel insurance for climbing now and have looked at both IHI Bupa and insure4less.

    It’s important to note that IHI Bupa is not Bupa Australia. Their insurance is not technically an Australian financial product. They say they will still cover you, and probably will. However, if things don’t go your way and you want to make a complaint it will be much harder.

    if you do need to make a claim it has the potential to become a complete nightmare. Hope that helps

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    I have looked into this and have only ever got insurance from insureforless. I am almost certain insureforless is the only australian insurance company that will insure you. It is also very cheap considering what they cover you for. You will have to buy a full insuarnce plan from them as well as a climbing insurance plan. I think it cost me around 250 in total.

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    World Nomads offers great cover for all sorts of ‘adventure’ activites, tho you do chose this as an aditional. You chose the level of coverage (level three covers rock climbing, bouldering etc). Worth a look, and they’ve been great to me in the past!

    NB. insure4less rock climbing insurance does have limitiations (no freewater soloing, must wear a helmet, climb heigh resitrictions, number of years climbing before now etc)… make sure you read the small print before any insurance policy!

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    I just took a close look at the World Nomads policies and, while they look great at first glance, it’s good to be aware that any rock climbing that involves any kind of rope work or equipment (ie. sport/traditional/alpine) must be with a professional, qualified and licensed guide or operator for it to be covered by this policy. They do cover independent bouldering (and interestingly climbing without ropes!). So far Insure4less looks like the better option for independent climbing parties.

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    Allianz has recently changed their travel cover with an additional option called “Adventure Pack” which includes “Outdoor rock climbing (with ropes and appropriate safety gear)”, whatever that means…

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    I just got insurance for rock climbing within Australia with Allianz. As Remi said, their “adventure pack” covers outdoor climbing and abseiling. Conditions are that you wear a helmet, use ropes and place protection . . . so no naked soloing. They don’t cover ambulances or air lifting so make sure this is covered with your health insurance. Insure4less only cover trips outside Australia.

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