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    John Knight

    You have no idea what I discovered today! visiting several houses today i noticed a set of sweet looking boulders that i thought i had to come back to, it looked like there might be some good stuff on the other side of the rock, which looked pretty big. When i went to the other side of the rock later on today when i had a chance, i freaked!

    when you see this thing, you’ll let out an expletive, it’s about 7 or 8 metres tall and is weirdly shaped, one side of it is a bit of slab (easy climb, not technical this bit of slab) that look s like someone just carved a a shape out of a bit of butter!

    The main face is practically featureless and is covered in mos and lichen, but anyone world class would be able to do this thing. There’s nowhere for natural pro, but some absolutely huge matresses would be okay, otherwise I’d recommend bolting the heck out of this thing.

    Around this main boulder are a few other nice ones, with routes probably around V4 or so. In general, this area looks like something out of Font or somewhere else Western Europe. There isn’t a large amount of classic rocks here, there’s only 4 or 5 faces that people will be interested in, but they’re high difficulty and I wasn’t game enough to have a real go at any of ’em (I’m still a bit of a grom).

    To get there take Kensitt Street off of Stoneville Rd. and walk for 4 or 5 minutes, and there’s an obvious set of boulders to the right, just before the private property. About 30 metres away, you’ll notice the set I’m excited about.

    If you come out here and are disappointed (this is really hard stuff!), don’t despair, there’s plenty of other great bouldering spots around Stoneville and Parkerville and I’m always willing to show people around.

    At a guess, I’d say that anything on the face route would be high twenties, any boulder problems hovering somewhere around V10.



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