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    I read with interest the note Dena (CAWA President) has posted on the News section of this site. I am no longer actively a member of the WA climbing community as I don’t reside in Australia now, butI would like to say a word in support of Dena and the CAWA committee as a whole.

    I think the Vision and Goals as outlined are exactly the ones CAWA should be chasing and have been expressed with honest and open sentiment. Good on you Dena and the rest of the committee, I hope your enthusiasm pays off handsomely. Keep up the good work.

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    Chris D

    Yeah I agree – really well defined and written. Inspiring stuff which is what CAWA needs but clear and bold. Hats off to Dena and the new CAWA committee – its a difficult job that deserves appreciation from the climbing community.

    Keep it up!

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    whilst i applaud the vision and goals as desirable for cawa as an organisation its strange that none of the stated vision and goals concern actual climbing…. and i kinda thought that would be the number one priority

    fostering the development of climbing

    or maybe i missed something

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    Chris D

    Mmmm yes you’ve got a point. In fact CAWA’s purpose as stated in the constitution is ‘to support climbers and climbing in WA’ (if i recall correctly – i haven’t looked in a while).

    Perhaps Dena’s goals could be said to be supporting this purpose by becoming an association with enough members to give it authority. An assocation with authority can do more for climbers as a representative body. Then cawa is supporting climbers.

    Climbers being climbers they’ll climb no matter what cawa does.

    I think building its numbers as a general goal is a good one.

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    To support climbers through a climbing organisation you need people to run that organisation. A full committee can do alot, conversely, a poorly populated committee will not achieve as much.

    The CAWA guidebook serves the climbing community in a big way. Unfortunately it has been out of print for a long time but I can guarantee when the updated version comes out it will be snapped up by climbers.

    Maintaining the website is not helping serve the climbing community?? Have a look at some of the more intelligent posts and the role to CAWA site plays.

    A newsletter is also another way of serving the climbing.

    Mmmmmm….exactly what do you expect CAWA to do? If you can give me an answer I have no doubt I would be able to respond positively to most issues you would be likely to raise.

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    Good point made by “hmmm”, I would guess your question is about where the activities are?

    The only goal directly connected to climbing is the updated guidebook. The other items are to do with improving the internal functioning of CAWA. The committee basically thinks that it first needs to improve the internal functioning of CAWA as an organisation, i.e. get our own house in order, before we start putting on events, social nights etc. All those things are driven by people, and a well run organisation with an increased number of members will be in a much better position to facilitate such events than a few harried individuals.

    It is worth noting that climbing functions such as trips are still being run and have been very successful.

    The new CAWA site and the update guidebook will be a major effort for us. Producing a guidebook is no big deal, but making one that is accurate and easy to follow is most taxing. There are some 850 climbs around Perth now!

    Having said that, any actual suggestions are most welcome, so are offers to participate in CAWA events or their organisation. With Dena at the helm, these are exciting years ahead!

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    CAWA clearly must have vision and goals that support the needs of the organisation, as has been previously noted

    however surely at the heart of the purpose of CAWA is a shared love of climbing? And the primary vision and goal should be to support climbers to go climbing?

    all the other stuff is just nuts and bolts organisational

    vision means more

    thats all

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    At the highest level, our actual objectices are as per the constitution, the bit of which I have cut and pasted at the end of this string. These are givens i.e. taken for granted, this is why CAWA is here.

    In her post, Dena outlines her vision in one sentence and then gives 5 operational goals which we believe we need to attain to support this vision, right now. As we go forwards, the goals will change but the vision will remain the same.

    It is all a bit dry and esoteric but it hopefully demonstrates that we know why we are here and actually have a plan, with some immediate goals, to get there. Having said that, new ideas are always welcome….

    CONSTITUTION (excerpt, unedited)

    3.1 Objects

    The objects of the Association are to:

    (a) promote and develop Rock Climbing, especially in Western Australia;

    (b) protect and promote the interests of Rock Climbers in Western Australia;

    (c) provide an institution for Rock Climbers to meet;

    (d) formulate and publish guidelines which it will promote as desired conduct by Rock Climbers, and will encourage Members and other Rock Climbers to adopt; and

    (e) encourage groups with similar objects to affiliate with the Association.

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    well put, thank you

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    Hey guys just thought i would drop in a note. I am new to climbing but very much addicted. Signed up to CAWA because i wanted to support WA climbing and i found that i can learn alot from reading what people have to say and listening to their advice.

    What i wanted to say is that i think a more attractive and informative website could do amazing things for climbing in WA. Maybe not as much as getting into the gyms and the community but i have been in web design (non professional) for quite some time and found that there would be many ways to bring traffic and there for attention climbing in WA through a website. For example imagine an online interactive climbing guide that requires CAWA membership to be accessed where by people can comment on climbs etc. Surely that would boost a few numbers. Forums with advanced features like being able upload photos and videos. I could go own but this is already long enough. I know it is hard for something this complex to put together if no one has knowledge about web design and development but i would be more than willing to help out and design the site free of charge if it got some backing? Any one else have any ideas? Or is that just me being me?

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    Mark Weatherill

    Brendo, what you describe for the website is spot on with our vision. We have created a new site but still have a few details to finalize before we launch. Unfortunately I’ve been the bottleneck here and have been a bit preoccupied to sort these details out 🙁

    The new site is built on WordPress and is a suitable platform for building an online guide. Upgrading the forum to use standard software like phpBB or Vanilla was something planned for a subsequent phase.

    If this is an area that you have skills in, or are willing to learn more about, then we would appreciate any assistance we can get. You can get in touch with me at mnweatherill at

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