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    Mark Weatherill

    It is possible – just takes effort to implement. Unfortunately I’m pretty snowed under with work. If there are any WordPress experts out there willing to lend a hand then we could certainly use the help.

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    Mark Weatherill

    Yep. We actually get about 10,000 spam replies a month and 99% of those are automatically filtered. Β With the spam that gets through I manage to delete it in a few hours but this amount has sky-rocketed in the last week.

    Spam traditionally contained lots of links so was easy for the filters to detect. The new trend is for spam which doesn’t contain any links so doesn’t look like spam. Some of the posts have been copied from other rock climbing forums so some of it even sounds like it belongs here! The trick is that the user making the post is linked to a Facebook profile which probably doesn’t belong to a real person – I think they are trying to manufacture an online identity for the Facebook users that will later be used in scams.

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    Mark Weatherill

    Hmmm, the stylesheet might be cached in your browser – I tried something to fix that so let me know if it is still happening. And if so, what browser/version are you using?

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    Mark Weatherill

    It’s now added to the miniguides page.

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    Hi Jason and anyone who’s also interested. I’ve recently spoken to someone at the Water Corp and also the DEC regarding access to the quarry. Water Corp said they were scheduled to finish work up at Welly dam in November 2011 but were unable to comment on when access to the quarry would be granted as this falls under the DEC management. The DEC were rather vague but suggested that if works were to finish in November then access to the quarry would follow soon after. Waiting in anticipation – It’s such a convenient climbing spot for me as i live in Bunbury and it’s so close but on a positive note, the closure has forced me to make more trips down south to the beautiful spots down there so i’m happy.


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    i reckon the best people to talk to would be the local tourist info centre. i was camping down there in june and the ranger and workers on site said they were done in the next 3 weeks! in fact the guy i spoke to at their office site (quarry) said all the dongas were leaving that week. water corp and dec just make some blanket statement. or betteer yet ring the rangers office.

    i am planning a trip down there end of sept and that is what i plan on doing.

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    The bolts on Dessert have now been replaced, other routes that have also been rebolted include Book of Funk (banana wall) and The Future Grins (the terrace, looks like a great line!).

    Thanks to Jim Nevin and Johnboy for their kind donations.

    I will head to Moses Rocks next and rebolt the whole crag..

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    ed nepia


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    awsome thanks ill give both a try this weekend i think

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    John boy

    Sorry for delay mike (r) as since word has spread new boulder fields have surfaced most of work complete and some areas cut as to remote or to dangerous or both.some keen web footed locals are trying amphibious assaults on nearby islands unlocking some awesome lines.

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    Matt J

    Hey Mike,

    Went out this morning using your guide. Very helpful and we repeated most of the problems in there.

    We also put up some new lines that haven’t been recorded in your guide, most of them on the big slab at the outpost area.

    These have most probably been done before as warm ups but ill list anyway.

    First route is appox 2m left of the yellow warm up in your guide- short and VE/V0

    Second is between route above and your yellow warm up- again probably V0

    1m to the right of yellow warm up and just before the crack- V0

    1m right of the crack using small crimps- V1

    1m to the right again- balancy using small crimps.

    Also purple project in the outpost area went today at about V2/V3.

    Don’t mind if these don’t get published just extending the guide a little bit.


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    Mike (R)

    Hey Matt,

    That’s cool, glad you had a good morning. I’ll definitely add those problems to the mini guide. You got any names for any of the more memorable ones? like the V1 and the purple line V2/3?

    Did you try any of the projects at the Frontline boulder? They seem pretty hard… lots of the “projects” we hadn’t even worked on but I wanted to share some of the stuff out there… glad you used it. Tyrone put up a new V4 (Waking the Yeti) at area 2 that I’ll add in later too… a bit to the left of Inner Vision…

    good job anyway.

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    Matt J

    For the climb 1m right of the crack on the big face

    Name: Little nothings- V1 FA: Matt J

    For the climb 1m right of that again

    Name: Sweet little nothings- V1 FA Glen Maras

    And the purple line- deserves 2/3 stars in my opinion

    Name: Trivector- V2/3 FA Jon Benwell

    The projects on the frontline boulder look hard!

    We were looking at them, but only had one pad. We will be taking 3 pads out next week so will definitely have a go at them. Problem 31 in your guide book is begging for an ascent; would be an amazing line and a true test piece.

    Problem 2 in powerlines will go next week at V5??, have the beta for it just need to put it together.

    Hopefully will get the time to develop this area a bit more, there is so much around there.


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    Mike (R)

    Awesome. I’ll add that in… Definitely want to do Trivector when I get back. I don’t think we even tried it and I just noticed the line when looking at pictures for the guide later.

    Yeah, #31 looked very cool but I wasn’t sure if it would go… I reckon do a little gardening and even shift a couple of those rocks underneath and it would be a much better landing… bit of elbow grease though

    we did work on #2 a bit and I thought it would go soon but we didn’t have the time… glad someone will get (but secretly I wish I could have nabbed it first πŸ™‚

    anyway, onya!

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    Mike (R)

    Pipelines has the biggest number of 3s and 4s… bit of a trek in but heaps of problems.

    Dreaded has a good number of V4 and under… Area One has quite a few right together and Breadloaf has a great 2 and a great 3 (I think… One Was Fat and the Other Was Thin and Railroad or something… )

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    have a look in the mini-guides section on this site, apparently all the new routes are written up there. looks good!

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    in reply to: Perth Bouldering media #9635

    Mike (R)

    I was just hoping Andy would put up a video of Minus One V11… and now there is Plus One V11 too! Is that a new problem? who is the FA? Good stuff!

    Now with Bala (sds), Minus One and Plus One, the only other V11 I know of in Perth (could be wrong) is Smiley Face at boulder rock. Thanks for the videos. If you get a chance, put the Waly World one up again too.

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    What Ross, as in ‘the north face of the Eiger’ country! Lucky you, enjoy.

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    An opening date yet?

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    Finally something closer for all of us stuck in the northern suburbs. Looks great πŸ™‚

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    Mike (R)

    The Roleystone one is great too, but now the Waly’s one is gone… Thanks for putting up these videos.

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    Hi Emily, Very kind of you to offer! My email is mhar88 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    in reply to: Visiting Perth and want to climb! #9789


    Hi Matt..

    I’d be up for showing you the ropes.. What’s your email? I can answer these questions there. And I just moved here from Wales too! πŸ™‚


    in reply to: crankdown guides #9621

    Mike (R)

    Actually Mike, there isn’t any info on Millars (you can read that in the above thread) so Tyrone wouldn’t have been able to find that by spending time looking around this site and the sites it links to.

    I don’t mind sharing where good areas are, in fact I think it helps the growth of the sport. I’m not sure why it bothers you. All the people who’ve written on this post have climbed outside and put up new stuff and shared it with other people.

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