Mid-Season Reminders for Responsible Climbing in Kalbarri

Welcome, climbers! This is an important mid-season reminder of our responsibilities in Kalbarri. With the recent implementation of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021, it is even more crucial we all adhere to the right practices to ensure continued accessibility to our cherished locations.

Register in Advance for a Smooth Experience

To provide a seamless experience for everyone and mainly to make it easier for the rangers, we kindly request that you avoid last-minute bookings. Not only will you not be left with disappointment, but you will also allow time for processing your requests. We’ve been asked to suggest submitting your registrations at least a week in advance whenever possible. We recommend completing registrations by 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, as weather reports are typically locked down by that time.

Please register by completing the multi-day registration form and emailing it to Cresta Viellaris from Kalbarri NP Office.

Respect for the Environment and Wildlife

Redpoint climbing Coloured Chalk
  1. Toilet Waste Guidelines
    Please remember that toilet waste is strictly prohibited within 500m of the Promenade/Rock-wallaby site. We encourage you to utilize the toilet facilities at the Z Bend car park before embarking on your hike.
  2. Camping Restrictions
    Since the rediscovery of the rare Black Footed Rock Wallabies in 2015, camping within 1.5 km of the Z Bend Lookout, including the Promenade climbing site, is not permitted. However, climbers have the privilege of using a dedicated camping area near the Z Bend car park. To ensure compliance, please register by completing the multi-day registration form as mentioned above.
    • Directions for New Climbers
      If you are new to Kalbarri, feel free to contact the Kalbarri National Park Office, provided below, to obtain directions to the alternate camping area. Please note that the camping area is not signposted, so be sure to reach out for guidance.
    • Campsite Etiquette
      When entering or exiting the alternative camping area near the Z Bend car park, please promptly close the gate behind you. The campsite is located 200 meters beyond the gate. We kindly ask that you respect the vegetation regrowth and rehab area within the campsite by refraining from pitching tents or venturing into that specific zone.
    • Rubbish Disposal
      As the campsite does not have water facilities, it is essential that all rubbish is carried out of the park. Let’s keep our climbing areas clean and leave no trace behind.
    • Fire Safety
      Due to the elevated risk of bushfires in the sandplain areas, open fires are not allowed in the alternative camping area. Please use gas cookers only.
  3. Chalk Usage
    To preserve the natural beauty of the climbing sites for everyone, we urge you to limit the use of excess chalk, especially on overhanging walls. Remember to systematically brush off any excess chalk before leaving the crag.
    • The same applies to boulderers venturing on virgin rocks.
    • Furthermore, please refrain from using chalk in high-traffic areas such as the River Trail, Aviary, and Tourist Wall.
    • Opting for coloured chalk is recommended. Currently, ‘Australian Sandstone’ by Redpoint Climbing is available at select Perth gyms, from Climbing Anchors and directly from Redpoint Climbing. CAWA members can avail themselves of a members’ discount code, available here.
  4. Pack down the approach rope close to the Adventure Wall. The rope might look like a fixed structure to some and could cause liability issues in case of injury. If you set it up, please pack it down and put it away. This should be done every evening by the last climber leaving the Prom, definitely no later than by the end of the weekend.

Entry Fees and Annual Passes

To access the climbing areas, a National Park Entry fee of $12 per car is required, along with a camping fee of $8 per night per person.

The Park Entry fee can be conveniently paid by credit card at the all-hours machine located at the main entrance of the park, just off Ajana-Kalbarri Road. However, camping fees must be paid in cash or in advance via credit card by contacting Shannyn. If paying with cash, kindly insert the amount in an envelope and place it into the box adjacent to the aforementioned machine.

Considering the number of WA crags within National Parks, we strongly recommend opting for the DBCA Annual All Parks Pass, currently priced at $120. Additionally, concession and single-park passes are available. RAC members can benefit from a 50% discount on the pass. For more information on RAC Membership Benefits, please visit this link.

Leave No Trace

As responsible climbers, it goes without saying that we should leave the climbing areas as we found them, or ideally, in better condition. Please remember to brush off the chalk, remove tick marks, and clean up any climbing debris, such as finger tape or rope marks. Together, let’s preserve the beauty of our natural surroundings.

Rotten ropes found at the top of The Pit
Rotten ropes found at the top of The Pit, June 2023

Contact Details

For any further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to the Kalbarri National Park Office using the contact information provided below:

  • PO Box 37, Kalbarri, 6536
  • Business Hours: 08 9937 1140, fax 08 9937 1437
    • Senior Ranger: 08 9937 1192 – 0417 181 314 (mobile)
    • Ranger: 08 9937 1424 – 0427 199 518 (mobile)

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