The main items on the agenda at this year’s AGM were reporting the committee’s activities for the year and electing a new committee. The physical turnout for the AGM was disappointing, with almost as many proxies as actual people. Thanks so much to those who did send in their proxies-it was much appreciated. I have posted the President’s Report as a separate news item where you can see the summary of the year’s activities and achievements.

This year, I am looking forward to seeing through to completion such tasks as the new edition of the Perth guidebook.

I would also like to welcome back some familiar faces as well as some fresh new ones. To see the details of who is doing what, please check out the ‘About’ section on the home page and select ‘Committee’ from the drop down menu.

There are currently two positions vacant on the committee. Treasurer and a general committee position. Anyone who is interested in either of these positions, particularly treasurer, is encouraged to contact me.



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