Albany Adventure Climbing Zone

There has been much recent discussion about the Albany Adventure Climbing Zone and whether it is still relevant and hampering the development of climbing in the areas that it applies to. So, at the committee meeting on 25 November 2009, after consultation with local climbers, a resolution was passed and the AACZ amended to the following:

The Albany Adventure Climbing Zone (AACZ) is henceforth redefined as including the following areas only: The Gap, Natural Bridge, Blow Holes and all areas within or between any of these locations; also Stony Hill boulders, and any location within the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. These areas are either highly environmentally sensitive areas or have high tourist traffic. No further fixed protection may be placed in the AACZ. The CAWA Code of Bolting and New Route Development and the CAWA Code of Conduct are to be applied to the South Coast, same as per the rest of the State.

For those unfamiliar with the ACZ concept, I would refer you to the thread at the following location which give a great deal of background and explanation: adventure climbing zone bolting.


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  1. is this coming from cawa or the government regardless of who i don’t ever remember seeing any warning or a petition regarding this matter . Having said that I think it is important for you to know that I am not a sport climber but a trad climber. I do however, believe that human life is worth more than ethics, although, I don’t really approve of bolting. I think that the areas in question have little or no access to the bottom without gear making viewing the faces of the cliffs less likely to be concentrated on than the scenery. The use of carrot bolts unlike bolt runners leaves the cliff pleasing to the eye and goes one step toward safer climbing. Finally I must say that the elitist attitude I have observed amongst climbing clubs needs to stop as it is the reason behind this rubbish. The cliffs are for everyone and that means sport climbers as well.

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