Self-Rescue Course, 22nd -23rd September 2018

The self-rescue course will be held on 22nd and 23rd of September 2018.  There are still places left.  So if your interested please me contact me ASAP.

In collaboration with Adventure Out, CAWA is pleased to offer an instructional two-day course designed to develop the technical skills, experience and confidence needed to safely perform self-rescue.

The course will be held at Mountain Quarry on Saturday, 22nd September and Sunday, 23rd September.

This course is ideal is a refresher or for those  trying to increase their confidence climbing outdoors so they can take on  those bigger bucketlist adventures.

Mountain Quarry offers a range of climbing challenges and serves as the ideal environment for learning self-rescue skills. 

 The instructors will provide participants with constant feedback and ensure appropriate safety standards are maintained throughout the course.

 Skill points will include:

  1. self-rescue (ascending and switching rope systems, anchoring methods, escaping compromised belay systems)
  2. partner rescue (conscious & unconscious)


The course is set at an intermediate level, so you should be a confident top rope climber with experience in establishing belay systems utilising natural or artificial anchors and in belaying climbers. 

Price: $270 per person*

*All prices include GST. Additionally, CAWA will subsidize $50 per member for a net price of $220 per person.

Adventure Out will provide

  1. experienced instructor(s)
  2. all necessary rock climbing equipment (feel free to bring any personal gear you may have)
  3. $10 million public liability insurance
  4. comprehensive first aid kit

 Please note that CAWA events are a benefit for members. Joining online is easy through the CAWA web page.

If you are interested please:
  1. fill out the trip registration form; and
  2. e-mail me at

Hope to see you there.

Dirk Klicker

CAWA Vice President

2 Replies to “Self-Rescue Course, 22nd -23rd September 2018”

  1. Hello Dirk,

    I’m interested in attending the self rescue course on the 15th and 16th of September.
    I would definitely like to gain the skill and confidence in knowing what to do if something was to happen while outdoors.
    I’ve only just started my outdoor climbing and I guess I’ve still got a lot to learn and I hope to gain so much from this course.
    If you can please put me in the list that would be awesome.

    What are my payment options?
    I’m not a CAWA member.

    Kind regards,

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