Canning Dam Quarry Access Finalised

I am very happy to finally be able to announce that we have finalised the access to Canning Dam Quarry. As discussed previously on the website, access will be for members only and during the initial ‘trial’ period, only for six weekends during that first year.

However, that’s a great start! When originally approached by individuals, the land managers said they would not consider access. When approached by CAWA, the land managers were, after some initial resistance (Water Corporation), willing to enter into negotiations and nearly two years later, this is the result. It demonstrates very clearly that a good working relationship between land managers and climbers is possible. DEC has been instrumental in facilitating access and helping us to negotiate with Water Corporation.

The quarry does not currently have any bolted routes and access to the top (such as at the other quarries) to set up ropes for other than for route setting will not be possible. At this stage it is anticipated that the routes in this quarry will require lower offs.

DEC requires that all climbers and route setters are CAWA members and that CAWA is responsible for ensuring responsible use of the quarry. The way in which the quarry activities are managed will determine any future access beyond the one year trial period.

Any CAWA members interested in bolting routes in the quarry will need to apply to a bolting panel (which will be formed by people who will NOT be bolting routes) and be able to provide evidence of both experience and skill in this area. Bear in mind that DEC is requiring us to oversee this process. Bolting in the quarry must conform to the CAWA Bolting Guidelines.

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