CAWA Top Rope Setting and Sports Route Cleaning – Practice Day



CAWA Top Rope Setting and Sport Route Cleaning – Practice Day


When : Saturday 10th November 2012

Where : Mountain Quarry – Meet at central practice boulder.

Time : 09:00am to 1:00pm

Who : For CAWA Members only. Registration is required.

Registrations : Open Sunday 4TH November 2012.

How to Register : Email your registration to – Subject : Top Rope Setting and Sport Route Cleaning – Practice Day


This Top Rope Setting and Sport Route Cleaning – Practice Day is be for those CAWA members who want to practice the basics of (1) setting a Top Rope (TR) on a sport climb and (2) how to clean a TR off a sport climb. This is something people need to practice and become proficient with, when they first head outdoors.


This practice day does not teach you how to climb. You must already be an experienced climber with confidence in lead climbing before coming outdoors.
What we will practice is one way of setting a top rope and one way of how to “clean” a sports route.


What you need to bring:


1) Indoor lead climbing equipment which you must be familiar with. (a lead harness, shoes, belay device etc)
2) A dynamic climbing rope of at least 50mts, preferable 60mts.


You will also need the following to lead climb outdoor sports routes, so you will need them to practice with on the day :

3) 10 x 90 Deg PFH Bolt Plates

4) 10 x Quickdraws

5) 4 locking carabiners

6) 1 x sling 2m in length

7) 1x Personal Anchor ( a PAS or 1 X 120mm sling with a locking carabiner)

If you do not have items 3-7, you can still attend but will need to partner up with someone who does have them. You will need them anyway when you go outdoors yourselves.


The practice day will be broken into a starting knots session for those who need some revision.


If at any point some of this gets confusing then you should seriously consider going and attending a professional training course run by an outdoor adventure company.


Your personal safety is our concern but it is your responsibility. We must stress that this is not a climbing training session, this is a practice day. You will need to register and read and accept a disclaimer on the day to attend.


Your facilitators for the day will be Mark and Tony who will be at the practice boulder at Mountain Quarry at 9am on Saturday 10th Nov.


Please email if you want to register to attend. A confirmation email on your attendance with details of entry to Mountain Quarry will be issued back to you during the week.


This is for CAWA members only.

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