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Jiri on Cardiac Arete, Mt Lindesay
Jiri Stastny

Joined the committee to promote and share the love for climbing.
Qualification: ACIA Single Pitch Guide

route/crag in WA: Mr Pharmacist at Peak Charles, Dancing The Deep Blue – WCH, Nailbite – Talyuberlup, Keith Goes Blank – Kalbarri, Corpus Delicti – Wilyabrup, plus many more.

climbing area outside of WA: pretty much everything in Tasmania
crag snack: deconstructed falafel wrap and Clif bars
piece of gear: DMM Alloy Offset Nuts

Closest belaytionship … Rama

I dream of climbing … Pole Dancer – Tasmania. I made it to the base of the route once but ran out of time to actually climb it.

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route/crag in WA: Heavy Petting in Kalbarri

climbing area outside of WA: Green Climbers Home in Laos

crag snack: Hummus & muesli bars (not together)
piece of gear: Petzl Connect Adjust

Closest belaytionship … Spider Monkeys
I dream of climbing … Kalymnos in Greece

Henry McNamee
Henry McNamee

Joined the CAWA committee to … give back to the climbing community that has given me so much.
Qualification: ACIA Single Pitch Guide

route/crag in WA: The Promenade Wall
climbing area outside of WA: Mt Arapiles
crag snack: Carrots!!
piece of gear: Would have to be one of my many (too many) pairs of shoes, La Sportiva of course

Closest belaytionship … @meghan_page
I dream of climbing … a free route on El Cap, maybe Freerider or Golden Gate.


Joined the committee to secure crag access.

route/crag in WA: Be Free; Walcliffe
climbing area outside of WA: Red River Gorge Kentucky
crag snack: peanut/almond/sultana/M&M mix
piece of gear: custom-made “attack of the 50 ft woman” chalk bag

Closest belaytionship? *hitting with Kenny Chan on a portaledge on El Cap
I dream of climbing … with my son one day soon

Gwen Lossie
Gwen Lossie

route/crag in WA: Albatross on Peak head, Wilyabrup and Merchant Rock.
climbing area outside of WA: I haven’t climbed outside of WA yet!
crag snack: I usually have a selection of jerky, cheese, hummus, avo, crackers and clif bars 🙂
piece of gear: climbing shoes, Tokyo powder chalk and my Evolv crashpad..

Closest belaytionship … (Belaytionships…. ) Matt Gray, Zak Hogen-Esch and Jayden Balestra.

Where do you dream of climbing? … in the French Alps

Meg Page in Chuillia, Spain
Meghan Page

I joined the CAWA committee to be more of a female figure in the climbing community and to get more people into the sport that I love.

route/crag in WA: Kalbarri
climbing area outside of WA: Chuillia, Spain
crag snack: peanut butter
piece of gear: connect dual adjust

Closest belaytionshipHenry
I dream of climbingall over the world… travelling Europe has just added more and more to my climbing bucket list

Matt Gray on Volture Street, West Cape Howe
Matt Gray

Joined the committee to help people to transition to outdoor climbing and explore this very flat but very beautiful state of ours. I’m also very keen to re-bolt and upgrade the hardware on as many outdoor routes as possible.

route/crag in WA: Albatross on Peak Head!
climbing area outside of WA: I have unfortunately not explored too much outside of WA but I did some mountaineering in NZ which was fantastic.
crag snack: Hummus with corn chips.
piece of gear: Size 1 ball nut.

Closest belaytionship? My TRS devices.
Where do you dream of climbing? more alpine routes.

Zak H

Zak started climbing in 1994 after watching and being inspired by the movie Cliff Hanger and went on to win most of his climbing gear from competitions in his teenage years.

After travelling extensively, he returned to Australia and made the natural progression to become a Industrial Rope Access Technician. After 8 years in the industry and fighting Stage 4 lymphoma, Zak can no longer work due to severe short term memory loss but slowly made the return back to climbing. He spends equal time on ropes (mostly sport but gets involved in trad where he can) and bouldering.

route/crag in WA: Jackpot Crag
climbing area outside of WA: Blue Mountains (for now)
crag snack: Brie Cheese and crackers
piece of gear: my light rig for night climbing

Closest belaytionship … Asha the smasha
I dream of climbing … anywhere in Europe

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