Climbing and COVID-19 pandemic



Hi CAWA members and all WA rock climbers

As I’m sure you are all aware by now, we are faced with some new challenges as a community dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to new government restrictions, climbing gyms in Western Australia will be forced to close their doors indefinitely.

Most of us think of our local climbing gyms as extended family and that hasn’t changed. I would like to extend a big thank you to all of those gyms, and the people behind them, who have invested so much time into our sport to make this community what it is today. I know the next few months are going to be challenging for you (and for us) but we’ll see you all on the other side of this, hopefully with stronger fingers and more psych than ever.

As a gym member, if you are in a position to do so, remember that electing to pay your membership fees might be the difference between having a gym to return to when this is over or not having one. If you can support your local, I’m sure any little bit would be appreciated.

As of this time, our National Parks remain open. DBCA are monitoring the situation and usage closely, and making sure that the social distancing guidelines are being maintained.

Please consider staying at home instead of climbing outdoors. Get a hang board. Do some pull-ups.

If you still feel the need to go climbing outdoors, there are some things to consider.

  • Firstly, maintain social distancing guidelines. Remember that if you are both handling the same rope or boulder pads, this is not social distancing. Minimise the people that you are climbing with, and preferably keep it to family members.
  • Secondly, remember that risk-taking affects our healthcare system and the people who work in it. If you are taking unnecessary risks you could be stealing a bed and resources from someone who needs them. Take safety seriously. Think about whether you should top rope instead of lead, think about your helmet (as a belayer and a climber), think about knots in your rope, and think about low balls instead of high balls. Please be conscious of how your decision can affect others.
  • Lastly, regional communities do not have the resources to deal with pandemics. Don’t get the locals sick! You can infect people without having symptoms yourself.

I hope we can all take this time to enjoy the company of our loved ones at home.

We have indefinitely postponed all CAWA events, but please share with us your home workout routines and training setups!

Stay safe, happy and healthy.
Elinor, Jiri, and the CAWA committee.

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