12 hrs of Mountain Quarry Madness 2023

12 hrs of Mountain Quarry Madness 2023

12 hrs of Mountain Quarry Madness 2023

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Get ready for round two of the “12 Hrs of Mountain Quarry Madness” competition!

– An outdoor endurance/social climbing competition.

Last year’s event was hugely successful, but Mother Nature cut us short with the rain. This year, we’re back and better than ever, with even more fun and exciting prizes. This last year’s fully sold-out competition promises to be a day of non-stop, adrenaline-fueled fun at the Mountain Quarry. Don’t miss your chance to test your skills and endurance and compete against like-minded climbers. Join us for a full day of madness!

Read and watch more about last year’s competition here.

There will be prizes, food and music. So get psyched, start training and don’t forget to register, as there are only spots for 32 teams.

We’re excited to announce some exciting changes to this year’s Madness! In addition to the previous routes, we’ve added boulders to challenge competitors in new ways. To ensure a fair and competitive experience for everyone, we’ve also adjusted the categories to reflect skill levels and age better. And for a bit of extra excitement, we’ve made some changes to the scoring system that we think will make the event even more fun and enjoyable for all. We can’t wait to see how these changes will impact the competition and hope that everyone has a great time pushing their limits. Check out the full details below to see how these changes will affect your experience.
Are you gonna push for the meters or Ewbank grades?

Please be aware that:

  • All climbers must be independent participants who are entirely responsible for themselves.
  • Following our Public Liability insurance requirements, everyone must sign a Deed of Release and Indemnity and fill out the registration form below.
  • A parent, guardian or another responsible person must accompany all climbing participants under 18.

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Climbers compete in teams of 2 for 12 hours from 8 am – 8 pm. Teams will be ranked in 3 categories: intermediate, advanced and master.

Prizes will be awarded for the most Ewbank grade points accumulated and the most vertical metres climbed within each category. In addition, bonus prizes for the best costume and team name will also be awarded.


  • Climbers can register in two categories based on their hardest redpoint on the rock and one age category:

    • Intermediate climbers: Hardest redpoint/pinkpoint up to grade 21
    • Advanced climbers: Hardest Redpoint/pinkpoint: grade 22 and above
    • Masters: 50+ years old

  • The team category will be based on the category of the stronger/older climber in the team.

    • An intermediate team – both team members are intermediate climbers
    • An advanced team – one or both members are advanced climbers
    • Masters – at least one team member is 50+ or both team members are 45+

Further details

  • Safety rules
  • General rules
  • List of climbs

  • Only experienced self-sufficient outdoor lead climbers can enter, and anyone buying a ticket agrees to the Comp Rules & CAWA terms and conditions.
  • Helmets must be worn whilst climbing, belaying, and close to the cliff.
  • Anyone observed endangering themselves or others by climbing like an idiot will be disqualified. This includes:

    • Bolt skipping
    • General reckless behaviour

  • Climbers compete in teams of 2.
  • Climbers are encouraged to wear a fancy dresses; however, costumes must be approved as being safe by the head judge, a common sense is advised.
  • Team members belay each other; no external belayers are allowed.
  • Only routes on the score sheet can be climbed.
  • Metres climbed discipline

    • Sport climbs and boulders weigh the same points as the length of the route
    • Trad climbs weigh 1.5x of the length, e.g. a 20m trad route equates to 30 points and
    • Mixed climbs are 1.25x points in its length.

  • Points in Ewbank discipline are calculated as follows

    • 0.5 x grade – for routes up to grade 12
    • 1 x grade – for routes graded between 13 and 18
    • 1.5 x grade – for routes graded between 19 and 24
    • 2x grade – for routes graded 25 and harder
    • Boulders included in the climb list will have a certain number of points if climbed. E.g. if you climb ‘Bumble’, you get X bonus points.

  • A climb can only be counted if it is lead; a successful “lead” is starting at the bottom, with no top-rope above, clipping gear along the way, and arriving at the anchors with no FALLS, no HANGS, and no PULLING ON GEAR. Trad and mixed climbs must be repointed; pink pointing is permitted on sport routes only.
  • A successful ‘second’ can also count as an ascent in the competition, however, only on top-out Trad routes. The only routes where this is permitted are Crab, Left Edge and Thin Black Line. On all other routes, only a lead can be scored.
  • Only one climbing party can be on a route at a time. This applies to all single and multi-pitch routes.
  • Stick Clip, only stick-clipping the first bolt is permitted.
  • Climbers can have two back-to-back goes (successful or unsuccessful) on a climb, after which they have to move on to another climb before returning to it again.
  • Each climber can count a climb twice.
  • If a climber falls on a climb, they can lower down and have a second attempt. If safe to do so, the climber can choose to leave the rope clipped to their high point and yoyo the climber up to their high point and continue the route. If the climber falls on the second attempt, they must try a different climb before attempting the climb again.
  • Teams must submit their electronic or hard copy score sheet (both provided) before the event ends at 8 pm. Before returning score sheets, teams must add up the total metres climbed and total Ewbank grades climbed.
  • Any later than this and the team will be deducted their highest-scoring route; an additional route will be deducted for every 15 minutes in which the team is late.
  • Cleaning of routes

    • Climbers must clean climbs after they are finished on the route.
    • At the base of most climbs will be a set of locking carabiners. The first climber to climb each route will place these locking carabiners on the anchor of the climb. For the remainder of the event, climbers can clip and lower off these carabiners in order to clean the route.

As this is an official CAWA event with DBCA approval, for safety and compliance with DBCA recommendations, Skywalker Wall, Woomera Wall and the right side of the Main Wall will not be included in the competition.

Download the official list of climbs & bouldering routes for the comp here. (*A correction made 29/10/2023: Mull Up changed to Sport route, and the second listing of Mr Bump changed to Mission Ignition.)

Climbing is inherently dangerous; climbers must take personal responsibility in deciding if routes and any fixed or temporary protection is safe.


To fully secure your spot, please complete both: buy a ticket and fill out the Mandatory Participant Info Form.

1. Purchase the ticket below

The fees

  • CAWA members $10 (a discount applied after login)
  • non-members $20

The ticket includes a paella meal from The Spanish Casa cooked fresh and available around 6 pm at the comp. Feel free to buy extra servings 😉

2. Fill out this form

* note that filling out the form alone will not guarantee a spot at the comp.

Event registration closed.

Date And Time

Sun 5 Nov 2023 @ 08:00 AM

Registration End Date

Wed 1 Nov 2023

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