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Climbing trips

Climbing Trips provide an excellent opportunity to meet and socialise with your fellow climbers, learn and explore new and finally get out of town. Depending on circumstances, BBQ is provided on the trips as well.

Gym Crashes

Gym Crashes again provide an excellent opportunity to meet new climbers, test your self, socialise and see what’s happening in the gyms if you don’t get in too often. For CAWA members, the Gym Crashes mean cheaper entry to the climbing gym and some refreshments on the nigh, usually in form of pizza.

Training, mentoring and more

Transitions to outdoors, exploring new possibilities, crag cleanups and other social events for all climbers, members and the wider public.

“The schedule of events will be adhered to as much as possible, but occasionally a date may need to change. Also, it is likely that events will be added during the year so check back here regularly.”

All about WA climbing

* The list of events is loaded from public calendars of local gyms and organisations related to the sport. CAWA doesn’t guarantee accuracy. Please refer to the organisers before you set off for the event.