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Boulder and improve with Tom O’Halloran

Sat 15th Oct 2022 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Workshop with a climber who needs no introduction!

Tom O’Halloran is one of only two climbers representing Australia in the Olympics. And he’s not a slouch outside either and has established many of Australia’s hardest routes up to grade 35! In 2016 he red-pointed ‘Baker’s Dozen’ and ‘Kitten Mittens’, both 35 (9a), becoming the first Australian climber to succeed on routes of this grade, and in 2017 climbed the legendary Grampians boulder problem, ‘Wheel of Life’ V15 (8C). Then, on his last trip to WA, he flashed one of the hardest boulders here, ‘Finding Max’, at Copper Rocks. 

So, evidently, Tom knows a thing or two about climbing. 

This workshop is for all your boulders out there! In this bouldering workshop, Tom will dive deep into the skills and tactics that can help get you up your next project. The logistics of fitting training and life and his approach/philosophy around certain areas of climbing.

Please fill out if you haven’t yet.