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29 Jan 2020

6.15 pm

Complimentary drink

Served during the intermission

Members $20

Non-members $35

Stirling Community Centres - Tuart Hill

164 Cape Street Tuart Hill WA 6060

How do elite athletes become World Champions?
How do leaders get the best from their members?
How do we find meaning and fulfilment from our everyday challenges?

Join Cameron as he takes a look at the psycho-physiological blueprint of what happens when we are under pressure and how we can change how we respond in order to maximise our performance and find Flow.

After Cameron’s presentation and provided refreshment, Hazel Findlay, will join us live from Spain for personal Q&A. You’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions.

Talk topics

  • What is an optimal experience
  • What is flow
  • Neuroscience behind flow
  • Three steps to flow
  • Climbing and inhibitors to finding flow
  • How I have helped elite athletes achieve their greatest moments
  • Becoming one with the rock

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Cameron Norsworthy is a coach, keynote and TEDx speaker, author and founder and CEO of The Flow Centre. Cameron has coached numerous World Champions, leaders, entrepreneurs, and high profile military personnel.

Hazel Findlay is  a professional climber, the first British woman to climb a trad route at E9, and free El Capitan in Yosemite, which she has now done three times. Hazel has also red pointed 8c and onsighted many 8as, loves all types of climbing from bouldering to alpine climbing and is especially interested in the mental challenge that climbing evokes.

Flow is the scientific term for the state we embody during our peak states of performance and fulfillment. Flow can be used in all areas of our lives and work, by anyone. anywhere. Whether you are a world champion skier, a remarkable pianist, or an enthusiastic performer, if you practice the flow elements you will find your greatest moments.

The Flow Centre

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