Mount Frankland Queens Birthday long weekend 26-29 of September 2014

The days are getting longer so it’s time climbers start thinking about heading south to climb.  So Queens birthday long weekend CAWA has a trip planned to Mount Frankland  in the picturesque Karri forest north of Walpole, 400km south of Perth.

The climbing is on large granite domes with predominately friction slab and face climbing on crystals and small edges. The climbs are mostly multi-pitch, up to 160m long. Most climbs are bolted (hangers required) but some climbs require trad gear. The pitches tend to be long, so top roping is not easy and two ropes or a long single rope are needed for abseil. It’s a great view from the top with an easy walk off the back of the main crag. Note that the older climbs can be a bit run out. Check out South coast Rock, West Australian Rock and the New Climbs mini-guide

We will be camping at Fernhook Falls which has comfortable sites with a camp kitchen, drop toilet and campfires perfect for evening story telling. Water is generally available but this is variable, so it is advisable to be prepared. BYO firewood. The road off the main highway is dirt and can be bumpy, though always 2WD friendly.

It’s always a great weekend away and a good chance to meet other climbers. There are lots of other outdoor activities in the area including kayaking bushwalking and mountain biking.  If you intend to come on the trip send me an email and I’ll send you a registration form. Please fill in the registration form and send it back to me at Any questions give me a call or email. Most people will head down on Friday night, let me know if you need a ride or have spare seats in your car. It’s a good way to meet new people.

CAWA is not able to provide training due to liability issues and so all climbers on the trip must be independent participants who are completely responsible for themselves. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent, guardian or other responsible person to accompany them.

Look forward to seeing you down there,

Cheers HMount Franklandamish

3 thoughts on “Mount Frankland Queens Birthday long weekend 26-29 of September 2014”

  1. Russel Montgomery


    I have just started to learn to climb. I am in my mid fifties. I have a 19 yr old son who is a climber but he lives in NSW. I have an 11 year old son who is interested in learning to climb with me.

    Would joining the club help us learn or is the club more for experienced climbers? Is there a deliberate teaching learning focus or would we be better looking elsewhere for the teaching/instruction we need?


    Russel Montgomery

  2. Hi Russel,

    this isn’t really the right place to ask your question – you should have used one of the forum pages.

    As far as I know, CAWA doesn’t provide training due to liability issues, although they do sometimes arrange courses at discount prices through some of the commercial training providers.

    Your best bet if you want to do a course is to contact one of the commercial training providers directly. However CAWA does welcome new and relatively unexperienced members, but I understand that people that participate in CAWA trips and events do so at their own risk and are deemed to be responsible for themselves. If you have a look elsewhere on the CAWA webpage you’ll find more information about this.

  3. Hi Russell

    I believe that Hamish responded to this query by email. But if he didn’t, please email me at as I don’t have any contact details for you.

    Just ignore Numbat, I usually do. 🙂

    If you have any questions about the club the best way to have them addressed is to email the committee or me directly. The general email is This way we can ensure you get the most accurate and up to date information.

    It is true that we have been quite restricted in regards to offering training directly, but this may change very soon. I am not in a position to say a lot more about it just yet but it’s looking promising.

    However, we always recommend that people transitioning to the outdoors from indoors in particular, undertake a course or two with commercial providers.


    Dena Rao
    CAWA President

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