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As you can see, we have now completed the redesign of the CAWA website.  You may notice the following changes:

  • News items, which many users were unaware of, are now part of the CAWA blog.  We will be using this to improve our communication with the WA climbing community.
  • Updating the site is much simpler, ensuring information is always current and accurate.  If you find an error, please contact us and we’ll be sure to get it corrected.
  • The message boards are now located at  Whilst no different in function, this paves the way for us to migrate to some new forum software in the near future.

Thanks to the following people for their help in this effort:

  • Kirk Hille of for the Bluff Knoll photo used in the header
  • Shannon Jenke and Eystein Alnaes for assisting in the graphic design

And remember; this is your site, so please let us know how we can improve it to serve you better. Enjoy!

3 responses to “New Website”
  1. Neil Humphries Avatar
    Neil Humphries

    This is Brilliant, What a fantastic banner.

  2. Francis Butler Avatar
    Francis Butler

    I love the new website layout its pleasing and easy to use.
    However I used to use the climb WA section of the old web design frequently as it gives quick references to climbs in WA if not promoting the climbs available in WA.
    Can we have access to the old climb WA pages until the new online guides will be available. I assume that the new online guides will have the same information and more than the old climb wa pages for the CAWA website.

  3. Mark Weatherill Avatar
    Mark Weatherill

    Thanks for the feedback. I have made the old climb wa pages temporarily available at (note the lack of “www”)

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