Oops! Email Error

Today some of our current members may have received an email titled ‘Sizzling Summer Events: Renew Your CAWA Membership Today’. Clearly intended for ‘expired’ members, it will no doubt cause some confusion, for which I must apologise. As much as I’d like to say it was a technical glitch, it was neuron failure on my part. Either too much or not enough coffee.

With the help of Mark, our fabulous webmaster, total carnage was prevented and the email blast aborted part way through.

So, if the email hit your inbox today (Monday 17 November), then it is most likely you are a member and even now as we speak staring in bewilderment at the membership card that clearly states that you are valid until 30 June 2015.

If you receive this email tomorrow or after that, then I’m sorry to say that you have indeed expired.

Dena Rao

CAWA President


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