Perth Rock Climbing Guide 2010

8 years after the first edition and 3 years after going out of print, a new Perth Rock Climbing Guide is sorely overdue. We have had delivery issues due to people unable to find enough personal time, which has now pushed out the delivery to later in the year. Ross Weiter, the author of the 2002 first edition will produce the 2nd edition when he returns back from the Alps in early July.

The revised schedule is:
10 August – circulate updated text to gyms for public comment (no pictures)
1 September – advertisers will be contacted with the format details
1 October – advertising deadline
10 October – proof copy out
31 October – guidebook to print shop
21 November – guidebook printed
1 December – guidebook fully distributed into shops and gyms

Please send any contributions (comments on last edition, new route info, grades etc.) to We are keen on any people with graphics design skills to format the guidebook, otherwise the appearance will be the same as for the 2002 guide.

There will be a cover page photo competition coming up soon, details TBA.

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  1. is it possible to incorporate the bouldering mini guides into this book too? the last book had scant info about bouldering. maybe you could have all the bouldering included in the back of the book or something. that’d be great. looking forward to getting it regardless.

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