Re-bolting Fund Reminder and Developement



Hello CAWA members.

This is a call-out regarding the CAWA rebolting fund. Financially it is doing very well thanks to the generosity of all.

The main reason for this communication is to ask for your suggestions for routes that may have dodgy bolts.

If you have come across a thoroughly aged or unsafe bolt, please notify us by filling out this form.

Also, we are constantly looking to upskill the West Aus climbing community, so if you are an experienced route developer and have the time and motivation to pass on your skills, please email [email protected], and I will get you in touch with some climbers that are keen to learn.

If you are feeling happy and generous while reading this, please follow the link below and donate.

A shameless plug, I know, but please forgive me.

Gareth (President)

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