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The hangers were still in place on Juluka at Easter this year. I would have removed them but didn’t have a spanner handy.

Krish is right about people either being unaware or ignoring codes. Having said that, anyone new to bolting should be seeking out this information. The codes were reviewed and updated in 2009. A considerable amount of work went into this and there is nothing to add to them at this time.

The forum is intended for productive discussion and to disseminate information. It is not for personal attacks and grandstanding.

As Mark W (webmaster) and I have both said previously, we post using our names because we are not embarrassed or ashamed by what we have to say. If you have to hide behind a pseudonym, then you aren’t even backing your own, usually offensive comments. Abusive comments only serve to shut down what could have otherwise been a useful thread. And they do nothing for the credibility of the climbing community as a whole.

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