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Hi Jordy

Thanks for the info.

My understanding is that commercial activity involving abseiling is allowed, but that there is a gentleman’s agreement that abseiling does not take place. This is something that I have been trying to clarify just recently and still working on it. I would be keen to see abseiling as a stand alone activity banned there for the exact reasons you have noted above – the unique nature of the crag, erosion and safety issues.

Do you know which SES unit it was or have the name of the group leader? If so, please email me the details. My address is on the committee page. I’m happy to have a chat to them but will also need to talk to DPaW who are supposed to be contacted about that kind of activity prior to the event. Abseiling is not permitted on DPaW managed land without permission unless it is a designated abseiling site (potentially different again to it just being allowed in an area) and there are regulations that cover prevention of damage and disturbance to DPaW managed land.

I’ll keep you posted.

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