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ed nepia

nice one Ross, great to get the historical perspective and thanks for agreeing to table it at the meeting

sorry i will be out of town in three weeks otherwise i would have liked to attend and discuss

i support engaging the albany crew in the discussion however i dont support them dictating what the result should be

in essence the climbing resource belongs to everyone, and although they are lucky enough to live close by that dosnt grant automatic rights in my view

especially if ,as you say, they have proscribed restrictions on bolting then quietly ignored them as it suits them … hypocrisy has a price afterall

as far as bolting styles are concerned my vote is that ‘the best possible anchors are used’ and to me that means fixed hangers or ring bolts rather then GIMB

any hanger or ring bolt will quickly merge into the rock once its weathered

maybe you’ll have to settle for an amnesia flash of Sandinista? Bloody good route eh!

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