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Scott Fielding

To me a strong head will always be more impressive than a line of `shiny devils` every time.


Wonder how many of the guys putting up new routes have climbed even 80% of the existing routes (at their grade limit) down around Albany/West Cape Howe? My guess in none. ACZ arguments aside I will never comprehend the compulsion behind people putting up new routes when they have not even climbed most of what is already on offer?

Nothing like your name beside a new route in a guide book huh? Sweet sauce for the ego in need?

Brett D, I hear you mate but sadly as soon as the line of thought is `bolts are approved here now` it is like opening a flood gate. It is a one way journey to a mindset of `access for all` from which there is no return.

Are bolts bad? The answer to this depends on a long list of variables.

Is grid bolting in areas like the south west bad? In my opinion – yes it is bad. Why. Well it is all about context.



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