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ed nepia

Hey Scott,

times change eh. trad routes generally follow features that offer trad placements … make sense eh. Most of the new routes on peak head have some trad placements (as described in the excellent mini guide ) . I think you’l find that if you get off your high horse and get on some of the new routes at peak head that wherever possible trad placements are used and where not they are sparingly bolted. As a consequence of the intelligent development that Messrs Thake et al have practised you can now enjoy some stunning modern classics on superb rock, on wild lines. Arnaud petit does a nice job of climbing Black Bean on gear, all very good, however note that he dosnt bitch about the bolts. I look forward to the youtube clip of you doing a similar effort on the new routes on peak head.

I wonder how many of these new routes you have tried? Maybe you should get on them and then comment eh…

Its a real shame that your willing to bag the efforts of a small group of very talented climbers and developers who are making a huge contribution to the future of WA climbing. They have a very high standard of ability and ethics and in my view should be congratulated for putting in a huge amount of effort, sweat, money and vision …

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