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ed nepia

good to hear your back mate, look forward to catching up when I’m in town next

climbed some routes at stathams 21-22’s just along from chain reaction

all carrots there would be good to replace esp the top anchor of the 21 which is complete shit.. 2 carrots horizontally opposed with removable hangers and shackles

also the 16 L sid eof Mullup wall is which shares top chain with the 26 round the corner. Top chain is rusted mank hanging from rusty crap bolts, could be replaced in the same location to serve both routes. The bolts on the route itself are badly placed carrots, the first is a nasty high clip which seems pretty silly for a 16 … maybe the bottom was dug out as was the rest of the wall after the route FA? Would be great to have a well equipped 16 for those who like moderate routes..


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