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Holy frikkin moley Dave. Sorry mate, but a bicycle helmet is not, under any circumstances a substitute for a climbing helmet. Put it this way, you can strap a huggies nappy to you head and perch a beef kebab on top, and if a rock happens to twat you on the head it may or may not lessen the impact. The benefit of this is that you can eat the kebab while you wait for the ambulance.

Really, if you are sport climbing on a well used crag you shouldn’t have too much worries not using a helmet, a bike helmet would just get in the way (I ride 6okm a day, and own both types of helmets by the way). If you’re really, really worried you can borrow my climbing helmet. In the long term, you are best to wear a helmet all the time, in the same way you should always use a condom, know what I mean?? It depends on circumstance! If you’re climbing at the chos pile they call churchmans, with a hundred plebs scrabbling around above you,or you’ve got 200ft of sea cliff above you, then put the hard shell on and stay away from the base of the cliff. If you are the only person at Darlington, or are stretching before flinging yourself at Raindogs, then probably no need.

Bur one thing is for sure, if you’re gonna wear one at all, wear a proper one, don’t dick about (i think to be fair Dave made this point at the end)

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