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err not wishing to be antagonistic, but what exactly is your concern with the bolts at bob’s ?

a bit of surface “rust” at the base does not warrant replacement. this is a relic of how the bolt was manufactured and is exacerbated by the salty wet air. If you look at the same bolts at mountain quarry or somewhere else they also show it – but to a lesser extent.

the glue used on most of the original bolts doesn’t measure up too well compared to the re500 that is used by most WA activists at the moment. but i would not use this as an argument to condemn the older bolts. the bolts replaced so far were done so because the original installation was faulty, not because of any degradation of the glue or bolt material.

yes there are a handfull of bolts at bob’s on the list for replacement, but if they were considered unsafe to use they would have been already replaced as a priority.

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