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Hi Neil,

Cheers for your reply.

I am no structural engineer but I would asusme that the issue with surface base rust is that it is at the base of the bolt (where it meets the rock) and not on the outside of the rest of the bolts; indicating possible deeper, malicious rusting may be present (i.e. within the part we cant see), as opposed to a ‘general rust coating’, which we all love and respect.

To quote you:

” “rust”…is exacerbated by the salty wet air”: could be brine permeated within the porous limestone itself perhaps?


“the glue used on most of the original bolts doesn’t measure up too well compared to the re500 that is used by most WA activists at the moment”

–> arent these two good reasons to rebolt at Bobs?

~15 years seems like a reasonable lifeframe dont you think… Hell, even I’d replace my rope in that time, and be onto my second pair of shoes at least 😉

Has someone recently analysed all bolts/lines at Bob, and replaced a few of the worse-looking lines?

(Maybe I just have a affinity to find the dodgy climbs, which arent priority 1…).

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