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“Beast in Hiding”, I like that. add it to the “hardest problems in WA” post.

If it’s V9 (even soft) then I definitely didn’t do it ’cause whatever I did was a sit start but had some pretty good jugs I think… few years ago so I forget.

Yeah, I still need to put “Panic Button” all together but the two halves I did overlapped so I reckon if I was fresh I could do it… Panic Button direct (the jumpstart/mantle didn’t seem that hard though– maybe a V3 if it should be raised up… I did it first try and I’m not that good so it can’t be too high…

this is long but I second Luke B– like what Robin is doing and wish more were doing it… come with us to Walyunga in a couple weeks and put up some new hard stuff (we’ll take care of the V4 and unders…)

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