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Hey Steve,

Yea sounds like the ones you are reffering to with the big roofs etc. Some of the closest ones is realy good and I’m obviously then busy with stuff you have done allready. The boulders continue south scattered all along the hill, for another 1km or so, probably 10 good ones on which I allready spotted potentialy hard stuff. Some is almost completely hidden and only the tops are sticking out giving the impression they are fairly small, but what you dont see is the 3m section below the bushes, and thats where the action is.

there’s some that I haven’t been able to reach thats looking mighty impressive. need to buy a panga for them :-)…and probably have a chat with the park-people first before they use the panga on me…

I’ll go down there again in the next few weeks/months to bundu-bash/explore a bit more and if the snakes don’t finish me off too soon, hopefully send some moderate stuff. if its really worth it, maybe put some photos and descriptions up somewhere for others to see??


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