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ed nepia

well if moneys no object buy good quality

set wires , doubles of sizes 1-4

couple med hexes

cams from fingers through to fist size (camalots, friends, metolius are all good)

nut tool

set prussicks

couple long slings (about 2-3m)

4 x 60cm slings

either a 10m x 10mm chunk o static rope or a long piece of webbing for constructing anchors back from an edge

5-6m x 7mm cord (cordellete) very very handy

4 lockers (pear/HMS shape)

dozen quickdraws (get some longer ones in the mix)

a bunch of plain crabs for racking gear (10 or so)

and a couple for spares

60m x 10.2/5 rope

a full strength padded gear sling is nice

reverso/guide ATC or similar belay device

once your getting addicted add

small cams such as C3 camalots, Metolius TCU, WC tech friends

a large cam or hex

set of offset wires and some small wires such as RPs

have fun!

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