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Not sure about any past embargoes on “sensitive” bouldering areas…nothing I am aware of….but I have been out of Perth in 04-07 so don’t know what went on. In the past before that we have always had the position that we publish anything and are not a mouthpiece for any land administrator (but any access restrictions should be explicitly listed so people go in informed), for example look at the Peppy Grove and Cott Wall sections of the 2002 Perth Guide where climbing actually is officially banned! So how could we with a straight face not publish some bouldering area? So I am a puzzled by this. I’ll dig into this at the comm meeting in 2 weeks. Bouldering is great, if my back wasnt so rooted I would do more. Bouldering miniguide subsection sounds good, just email me the stuff and I should be able to get it put up (gimme 2 mths, things move slowly).

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