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Damn, Ben…you’ve got us! Actually, it was not CAWA, it was all me. I am the root of all evil.

See I have found about this quarry, and have used CAWA as a vehicle to restrict access to everybody else, so now I can have it all to myself and my 2 friends and go and play there putting up my mediocre climbs forever and ever. I never imagined anyone would want to join CAWA because of this….I don’t need any competition thanks, as I am destined to lose. It seems my cunning plan is working brilliantly. And it is only step #1 on my plan to take over the World…wait until the Perth Guide comes out with me on the cover, lots of pics of my girlfriend all over it, and three stars on all my climbs. Ha, ha, ha…..I love the feeling of power!!

You want a conspiracy theory: there it is. Feeling better now?

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