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ok ok fair enough, arguments made. so am i correct in saying ed, colin, logan, shane etc that you want NO MORE chipping in quarries?

or are you just reserving the decision to be made yourself?

or are you saying “we have lots of classic, chipped routes now so no more, cause we need to think about the future”?

which you could re-interperet as “we liked chipped routes before but seeing as though M+J are stealing all the real estate, we wont like chipping any more (until i want to put a route up)”

as logan said “Chipping in quarries should only be given the ok with a large groups consent that yes this route is probably not doable or harder than grade 40 or something” – so is chipping ok or all of the sudden not?

you see what i am saying people? the hypocrisy is rife and bloody annoying. oh and shane, read the above post. no you cannot chip an existing climb.

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