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Personally I don’t really care if quarry routes are chipped and glued as long as it is a reasonable quality job. I love Urban Ethics, quite like Sweet Pea, have been on others I can not stand. My opinion others will disagree I am sure. On the other hand Carrots should be banned, there is notelling how safe they are as each carrot is ground individually and belted into a different rock, which means the rock could easily be damaged or the taper of the carrot only just holding. People have said carrots are fine in the situations they are being used, thats crap. Over the years many carrots have been replaced because they work themselves loose or the rock was damaged.

Some of you have said “if you don’t like carrots, don’t climb the routes” well that is not going to leave us a lot of choice in the end if M + J keep whacking climbs up every little piece bare rock as soon all of the new routes will have carrots in them. I do not out up many climbs so I won’t have the chance to beat these guys to the rock, when I do put up stuff though I don’t chip or drill holds I climb up to the climb not bring it down to me. Also I use the best possible protection available to me, usualy glued in P’s or U bolts. It costs me a bit more but quality over quantity any day.

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