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Mark Steele

Gday again,

Good to see you’ll get on down to the pcyc sometime soon. The guys i climb with are super casual and shouldn’t have any problems in giving you info on the local spots (if any that are close).

We usually head down south once a month or more often and will be trying to keep busy in the next few weeks before winter sets in and ruins the fun. We do all kinds of stuff. We went and did an overnight trip to Stathams quarry a fortnight ago and i know some of my trad mates were at wilyabrup on the weekend just gone. I’m hoping to do a bit of a trip down to wallcliffe again soon aswell.

The crew i climb with have really only just been climbing this year. I climbed competitively back in 1995-1998 in Perth but haven’t really climbed alot of outdoors until 2010. So far this year we’ve been down south about 8 times or so . We’ve also been to the perth quarry twice. The boys do occassionally get a trip up to perth to climb at an indoor gym when they can too. It will probaby be a more regular occurence once winter sets in.

If you wanna keep in touch then im on FB aswell :S and most of us stay in touch one way or another.

Stay cool and see you soon mate.


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