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Mark Steele

Also. Before i forget.

If you are interested in getting in some bouldering. There is the Lighthouse Hotel right in the city. They have some large rock walls there that we train on from time to time.

I usually tend to climb at the back of the hotel where i am out of sight. I have not ever been warned way from the area, although talking to some friends of mine, Chalk is a no-no. I do occasionally chalk up on the back walls though and you’ll see evidence there from the routes/problems that we have set there. You can pretty much make the problems there as hard or as easy as you want.

You might even get a drunken cheer from local revellers as they head into town at night (i usually climb there at night and there is ample floodlighting from nearby lights).

There are several other locations in town where we commit some “urban” climbing from time to time aswell.

Taking a bouldering mat is useful as falling to flat hard concrete tends to jar the ankles. Just learn to ignore the stupid questions from locals as they wonder what you’re doing.

I do remember Australind recreation centre also having some indoor stuff aswell. Although it’s atleast 8 years since i have been there. Might be worth checking out.


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