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Hi Chris,

I work for a government agency and spend most of my time dealing with morons in the parent department who are the regulators. Many of the regulations are based on outdated data and knowledge, personal biases, a lack of understanding of the topics and issues, general laziness and the fear of sticking one’s neck out and actually doing something. One person that I deal with regularly seems to still think it is 1975 in New Zealand and acts accordingly.

The reply that ‘rockstar’ got from the District Office is a typical stock-standard knee-jerk reply from someone who appears to have no has no understanding of the issues and is unwilling to find out what they are. If they had a bit more of an open mind and did their job properly, rather than copying and pasting out of some out-dated document, they may have found that one of DEC’s roles is to promote, when possible, recreational activities in DEC-managed land. I remember being told once (in a Federal Government Agency where I use to work) that “The way to get ahead here is to do nothing. If you do nothing, then nothing can ever go wrong and you won’t be blamed for anything, and you will slowly but surely go up the ladder.”

There are many fine people in the various government departments and agencies, including DEC, who do do things and I have a great deal of time and respect for these people. But not for the knee-jerkers.

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