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A few years ago, some DEC Esperance Discussion papers had a paragraph which stated (approximately), that as there was no climbing in the designated area, it would be therefore banned.

We, (I), wrote to DEC and pointed out that there had been climbing in the area, there are significant areas of granite and the mere fact that much of it hadn’t been explored didn’t mean that there was no decent climbing to be had.

Secondly we pointed out that climbing was(and is) considered a legitimate activity on public land, except where there were genuine reasons for it to be prohibited.

We also pointed out, it wasn’t much different to bushwalking, (just a little more vertical), and that bushwalking wasn’t generally banned.

Unfortunately there are people in the department who’s knee jerk response to any enquiry is an automatic “no”, whether from simple laziness or simple simplemindedness or just plain simple fear of starting something they can’t stop.

It would be helpful if you could send CAWA a copy of the correspondence you received or the name of the person you communicated with, or both.

On a further note, most of the negative response climbers get from DEC or other land managers is due to fear of liability issues. Presently preparations are being made to introduce a no-fault personal accident insurance scheme similar to that which exists in New Zealand, into the Federal Parliament. I believe this is something overdue in Australia, and worth supporting.

It would certainly go a long way to enabling climbers to get access more easily even to some private areas now presently closed to us.



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