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Hey Dan,

The bolts at the quarry were supposedly ‘rap-bolted en mass and in a great hurry in 1997’ as stated in the 2002 Perth guide – haven’t seen the 2010 guide to see what is said in there. However, having climbed many of the lines including those that reputedly have badly placed bolts I find it hard to believe or the guys knew what they were doing. The bolts seem to us to be well placed and I think it is more a case of people not being used to the different rock/style of climbing and subsequently finding it scary. For sure the route finding can be tricky, as simply looking up gives little away on many of the lines – but if you are comfortable at leading low to mid twenties they are well worth trying on lead.

Feel free to email me (kermit@iinet.net.au) and I can let you know the grade of the other climbs there. We should be up there this week and will jump on your new routes and let you know how we find them. You have beaten us to the two lines :-), they certainly look fun and we have been eyeing them up and were going to equip them eventually. Looking forward to given them a bash.

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