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Well we just returned last night from a fantastic week in your state. In the end the weather only gave us the opportunity to go climbing for two days (really only one and a half) but we really enjoyed our time checking out the beaches, rocky coastlines, wineries and local food places. It really is a great holiday destination. And it sounds like this time of year is really off-peak which means that there are no queues and everything seems laid back (maybe it is all year). I must say that you guys probably don’t know how good you have it compared to how crowded any half decent spot is on the east coast. Your roads are pretty good too it seems although I can’t understand how Bussell Highway (single lane, not divided, kangaroos) can be 110 whereas the Kawina (sp?) highway coming into Perth is 100 (divided, double lane, kangaroo fences, etc).

Anyway we spent a day at Willy and I thought that Stainless Steel was standout although Totally Awesome lived up to the hype. Fat Chance was also pretty good. Had planned to have a lash at Heavy Metal but was only there one day and the wife didn’t really like the rock. Yes she is crazy. IMHO Willy is up there with White Water Wall (Freycinet) and Point Perp for atmosphere although in a more user friendly way ;). Loved the frictional featured granite and those “sucker rails” that you thought were going to be positive.

The other half day we spent at Bob’s Hollow which was another beautiful location. The walk in was quite enjoyable as well. Highlights were Black Lung and Shaved Cat, although I think that the latter might be a little over-hyped as the best 20 in the state. Surely WA has more to offer!!?? I had only climbed a limited amount on limestone before that day and was surprised at how sharp it can be! Would hate to imagine hard crimpy climbing. On the other hand Black Lung was just like gym climbing (almost Nowra like). There were heaps of other routes that unfortunately were seeping. Somebody had left a sling and locker on Fin Left at what seems like the last part of the vertical climbing before an extension that might be a touch harder? Someone had left a draw on the 18 to the right of Shaved Cat.

Next time we will have to head further south to Albany area.

Last comment, can someone explain why your state agencies feel the need to warn tourists of every conceivable risk at every opportunity? The funniest one was on the banks of the Warren River where there was a “river risk” which stated that the water could be cold??!! Can’t you just stick a toe in? The irony was that the agencies then encouraged you to climb the lookout trees around Pemberton which look crazy dangerous. Have people died slipping on those steel rungs?

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